Maurice Daly expert inom Active Directory, Office 365, PowerShell, Windows Server, Deployment, Infrastruktur
Maurice Daly
Peter Löfgren expert inom PowerShell, Windows Client, Windows Server, Deployment, Infrastruktur
Peter Löfgren
Mattias Lehmus expert inom Azure, Office 365, System Center, Windows Client, Windows Server, Deployment, Infrastruktur
Mattias Lehmus
Markus Lassfolk expert inom Azure, Active Directory, System Center, PowerShell, Windows Server, Infrastruktur
Markus Lassfolk
Björn Brolin expert inom Säkerhet, Skadlig kod
Björn Brolin
Johan Åkerström expert inom PowerShell, Infrastruktur
Johan Åkerström
Johan Arwidmark expert inom System Center, Windows Server, Deployment, Infrastruktur
Johan Arwidmark
Marcus Murray expert inom Säkerhet, Skadlig kod
Marcus Murray
Hasain Alshakarti expert inom Säkerhet, PKI & Certifikat
Hasain Alshakarti
Alexander Andersson expert inom Säkerhet, Skadlig kod
Alexander Andersson
Kåre Rude-Andersen expert inom System Center
Kåre Rude-Andersen
Jörgen Brandelius expert inom System Center, Windows Server, Deployment, Infrastruktur
Jörgen Brandelius
Kent Agerlund expert inom System Center, Windows Server, Infrastruktur
Kent Agerlund
Fredrik Jonsson expert inom Säkerhet, Active Directory, PowerShell, Infrastruktur
Fredrik Jonsson
Informator expert inom
Mikael Nyström expert inom Active Directory, Windows Client, Windows Server, SBS, Deployment, Infrastruktur
Mikael Nyström
Jordan Benzing expert inom
Jordan Benzing
Robert Hedblom expert inom System Center, Infrastruktur
Robert Hedblom

Secure Web Development and Hacking for Developers [3 dagar]

Learn how hackers attack your environment & to develop secure web applications.

A vulnerable application could result in major reputational and financial losses, and it is often the entry point that hackers use to compromise entire organizations. As a developer, it is critical to understand how web apps are attacked, and how we can defend our environment.

This hands-on training is developed and presented by Alexander Andersson and Fabio Viggiani, leading web application and pen test experts. They will bring their experience from the field to prepare you with the right mindset to attack web applications; knowing the opponent's strategies wins half the battle.

The training targets developers and covers everything from reconnaissance, vulnerability identification (including OWASP TOP 10) to exploitation. There will be secure coding, hacking, patching, exercises, demos and challenges.

The examples and exercises are based on different languages - primarily .NET, Java and NodeJS - but the principles apply to all languages and platform.

This class is taught in English.

Datum Stad Instruktör Pris Antal  
2019-06-24 Stockholm 21750