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Geek Week - Modern Workplace - Enterprise Client Management [5 dagar]

This class and the date 10-14:th of June is one track out of 9,and a part of the totally unique and awesome Mega Geekweek in Chicago, where you will have access to 14 experts troughout the week.

Packagedeal 5 days lab incl all meals, 7 nights hotel and flight Sthlm-Chicago: 55200 SEK ex VAT
Price 5 days lab incl all meals, 5 nights hotel:45700 SEK ex VAT

With Windows 10 already deployed at scale in organizations, it is time to take the next step and utilize the full power of your Windows 10 client platform. This training focuses on what’s next. After deployment of the operating system, it’s about managing clients in an enterprise environment using Intune, ConfigMgr, co-management, and Active Directory. If you have previously attended the OS Deployment Geek Week or already have the ultimate OS deployment solution, this is the training for you!

Most enterprise environments use more than Windows clients, like iOS and Android devices. Thus, you also learn about managing mobile devices and operating systems other than just the one from Microsoft.

In this training, you learn to manage enterprise clients using both on-premises and cloud solutions. Those solutions include System Center Configuration Manager CB (Current Branch), Microsoft Intune, co-management, and Active Directory. You get a thorough walk-through of ConfigMgr Current Branch and Intune, as well as a deep technical drill down into the Windows 10 platform. You learn everything that’s related to client management.

Leading client management experts develop this training, and it’s based on real-life experiences from more than 40 years of working with client management in variously sized organizations. The training always uses the latest version of Windows clients, servers, and system management components.

Datum Stad Instruktör Pris Antal  
2019-06-10 Chicago 45700