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Securing Privileged Access [1 dagar]

Securing privileged access is a critical first step to establishing security assurances for business assets in a modern organization. The security of most or all business assets in an organization depends on the integrity of the privileged accounts that administer and manage IT systems. Cyber-attackers are targeting these accounts and other elements of privileged access to rapidly gain access to targeted data and systems using credential theft attacks.

This deep dive workshop gives you a better understanding of each of the components involved in the privileged account protection puzzle. This includes different techniques used to control the exposure of important credentials such as the use of Powershell Just Enough Admin - JEA and Active Directory and Azure AD's just in time privileges and management JIT/PAM, authentication policies and silos, Kerberos hardening, key-based authentication as well as designing and using privileged access workstations PAW to help safeguard the admin workspace.

Using live demo environment, you will get hands-on experience of different components and specific considerations and features involved.

Datum Stad Instruktör Pris Antal  
2019-06-17 Stockholm 5875